Novel Fineries’ Magic Pocket Squares


When art meets style, the results can be absolutely breathtaking. And that’s what we’ve found with the intricately designed piece of art created by the impossibly talented Hong Kong designer, June Lau. Not only does she sparkle with wit and conjure up an Audrey Hepburnish je ne c’est quoi, she is also the brains behind an extraordinary line of pocket squares.

Actually, calling them pocket squares is far from accurate. They are more like beautifully woven pieces of delicate fairy-like wings that those fortunate enough to afford them can happily parade about with. It’s comparable with buying an exquisite painting from your day out at the Art Basel and placing it on your mantlepiece for all your friends to admire (and covet with mouthwatering envy). Seriously though, June Lau’s pocket squares are a triumph, demonstrating subtle restraint, yet inviting us into her magical world.

The verdict is still out on whether pockets squares can be worn by every woman, but if you were to dare to wear, then Novel Fineries is definitely for you.