Stylecabin’s What to Wear on a Plane


Not looking disheveled by the time you reach your destination especially when traveling long haul flights can be quite the ambition. Staying comfortable yet stylish enough to snag an upgrade is what every girl dreams of, and you don’t have to limp across the never-ending terminals in ridiculous stilettos (sorry Manolo) to get the perfect travel outfit. Here are some tips we’ve compiled for your next trip this Winter.

1. The Relaxed Satin High-Low Dress

Style tip: Feels wonderful on the skin and gives you the option to wear a bandeau stretchy dress underneath, an emergency dress in case you lose your suitcase. Add a woolly scarf to complete your outfit. Yes, stay away from those airplane blankets! As for sunglasses, why not? Nothing wrong with being mistaken for a movie star.

Relaxed travel look .png

     rayban round sunglasses.png

Bella Dahl High Low Dress  | Nine West Shades Slides |  Ray-Ban Round Sunglasses

2. The Ultimate Comfort in Travel Shoes

Style tip: These Fwrd Knot Front Leather Sandals (similar to pictured) will save you, that’s a promise! Slip on sandals are great because our feet swell in the sky.


3. Comfy Turtle Neck Jumper

Style tip: Turtle neck jumpers keep your neck nice and warm, and keeps colds at bay. They are iconically stylish as well but not for everyone. For those with more generous assets, we recommend a V-neck jumper and a nice pashmina.


Turtleneck Sweater .jpg

Joan Vass Long Sleeve Turtleneck Sweater

4. Silk-blend dress

Style tip: Silk keeps you warm and a black dress is handy for any stains you might get – from makeup to food – during a long-haul flight. A nice blend of silk and polyester will look crisp and wrinkle-free, while staying light, airy and warm on your skin.


5. The Must-have Wooly Jumper

Style tip: There’s nothing like a nice wooly jumper to throw on when you get on a plane or get off it (depending on if there’s a weather change while crossing continents). A neutral color matches nicely with everything else you are wearing.

image (1).pngRibbed cotton-blend sweater | MANGO

Mango Ribbed cotton-blend sweater

6. Loose Wrinkle-Free Tailored Cropped Trousers

Style tip: Stay chic and comfortable in tailored cropped wrinkle-free trousers, and waltz your way up to an upgrade.


7. Zipper Booties 

Style tip: Since your feet swell when you are up in the air, slip your feet off easily in zipper booties and tuck them into comfy, fluffy socks.


8. Comfy on the Inside but Accessorized on the Outside

Style tip: There’s nothing less glamorous than going about the airport in your pajamas, but you could always cheat and wear (not your pajamas) an outfit that’s comfy but accessorized with a nice winter or summer hat and blazer or leather jacket.


9. Get the Perfect Coat or Blazer

Style tip: Get the perfect structured coat. Once you are on the plane you can ask any cabin crew to keep it in a coat hanger for you so that it stays nice and wrinkle free. You can do this even if you are flying on Economy.

Jannid coat.png

10. The Ultimate Suitcase

Your suitcase can make a statement all on its own, an embarrassing one or a chic one. If you can afford to get one, Brics make one of the most stylish suitcases.

Brics Ultra Light 21 Inch International Carry On Spinner, $500, available at Amazon.

11. Your Face! Your Face!!!

Don’t forget your face. Being in the cabin for hours can take its toll leaving your face and body dehydrated.

Korres Wild Rose Overnight Sleeping Facial, $25, available at ASOS.

12. Beauty Sleep

Face masks are great for blocking out the light from your neighbor’s TV, get one and sleep like a princess.

13. The Comfort of Fluffy Socks

Once you slip off your shoes, get your feet warm in fluffy socks and even better, take a pair of disposable cloth slippers with you as well for extra comfort.

Mango pompon socks, $9, available at Mango.

14. Comfy Pashmina

Airline blankets are a terrible idea. They aren’t that comfortable or warm and on top of that they are not that hygienic, so getting your own scarf would be a very good idea.

Gucci pashmina scarf, $160, available at Luisaviaroma.


  • Avoid heels – because you don’t want to limp your way down the runway

  • Sloppiness – because you want to be treated with respect, get an upgrade or ahem, a romantic rendezvous maybe?

  • Pantsuits – because you don’t want to pee on yourself while you wait for your turn to use the few airline bathrooms

  • Long trousers – because you don’t want your lovely trousers grazing the floor of any airline bathroom (seriously!)

  • Denim – If it’s not loose and light be prepared for scratching