A Week of Summer Work Outfits is Back

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It’s hard to find the balance between summer wear while on holiday and summer wear in the office. There is a fine line and it can be easy to slip and become overly casual in the office. We’ve put together simple, lightweight monochrome office basics for you to wear this week. Stay tuned for our brighter colors next week!

M O N D A Y | LUNDI | 星期一

new-york-co-perfect.jpg  4bacf77cb717aca6134595bcf108524a_xlarge.jpg 4a31b9f2e9a5f7b97f5be13ef59c7711_xlarge.jpg    be884159fac041b3842da4ce1b0bd32c_xlarge.jpg

New York & Co. Skirt | Calvin Klein Utility Shirt |Hat Attack Tote |Steve Madden Sandals

T U E S D A Y | MARDI | 星期二

7300a06b6afad3714ff94bc817f4e5ef_xlarge.jpg 980ef6a78e9c70fac5839091e97fa5d0_xlarge.jpg 7bb632ad985b0ea365ae83d7d05a1cf8_xlarge.jpg  cb9642690e6aaf0c6f8c5593991823b6_xlarge.jpg

Isabel Benenato Linen | Russo Dress |Gucci Belt |Vince Camuto Becker Slip-Ons

W E D N E S D A Y  | MERCREDI | 星期三

4a1b577bcf8b4f8bf75bd3cdc28a0864_xlarge.jpg    97ee11d7b7f024e0300920c205428353_xlarge.jpg 0ab9e350c849899608d69bb3f17d1b10_xlarge.jpg  a3f4ba750dde083a9680b6945743b4b6.jpg

H&M Tie-Front Shirt |Veronica Beard Gingham|River Island|Street Level Bag

T H U R S D A Y | JEUDI | 星期四 

522d0042921af6567fdbcce540fd6bdb_xlarge.jpg     73f91cfa676a7d1a4dd88b54681f4395.jpg  8a0dfa2221330ce479a8de4c41a49886_xlarge.jpg   59626cf7f3eac81c1d165795b5571d81_xlarge.jpg

Michael Kors Leopard Shirt  |Valentino – The Rockstud | Alfani PRIMA Wide-Leg Pants|Sophia Webster Coco Heels

F R I D A Y | VENDREDI | 星期五

eb52017434ed015c63a8edb332b419ad_xlarge.jpg       c7f389eb0229d78a96d10bd24520c768.jpg 29eb77e3d1f9df59c94b2e7b4fc1b4dd.jpg    74cbf16ec3125965aa4062eb1e1a7651_xlarge.jpg

Endless Rose Lace Tee |Chloe Medium Marcie Bag|Karen Walker Super DuperSpanx Faux Leather Shaping

ab16bd1d036a4fa91a50ffe6dabea965_xlarge.jpg       d5d4477f3265a01cfabf616fbbaf32cb.jpg  ba90f09614a44a65a82dedb2a5c6b7a8_xlarge.jpg

Somedays LovinAlfani Classic Pencil Skirt Tory Burch Block-T Leather Bag

Bon retour au travail!