What to Wear to a Summer Wedding


Wedding season is in full swing. If you find yourself with more than a few ceremonies to attend and very little time left to shop for a dress, we’ve got you covered. No matter the setting or dress code, you’ll arrive in style with these picks (with a few under US$100) for you to choose from.

When in doubt, keep it peachy

503223ee36ba6a071b8f8e9c9f0be7f6_xlarge.jpg Michael Michael Kors Catia Metallic Embossed-Leather Sandal

Aquazzura Casanova Metallic Leather Sandals

Peach, neutrals always work well in the summer and are flattering to most skin tones, as well as elegant and well suited to a summer wedding. Match with rose, reds, silver, gold, or other neutral colors.


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Block colors are never a bad idea




Classic blocks of color are always a safe bet. Stick to vibrant colors for the summer and be sure to find one that works with your complexion. Match with a contrasting block of color.


b57abb5d1cc0a2a0c94d4b1bcfecad6b_xlarge.jpg       99fad3db4a5d2332f0f8b5bc80d10a6e_xlarge.jpg      ELIE SAAB V-neck lace-panelled gown

Turn heads with red

5e8f7a4099fb8a51afd7ebc7828c7249_best.jpgEvery woman deserves to feel beautiful in her own shade of red. Wear with gold, black or silver. And if you are single and ready to mingle, there’s no place like a wedding to find your Prince Charming.b7b234e9b32cefe48f1834a7e0148189_xlarge.jpg


3a84bc8ee18ed20be0ecdd47cf513e5d_xlarge.jpg  079661bf4585c0beb2de9ff620affeba_xlarge.jpg    9239e1496df3f4434059a28a290bfa7f_xlarge.jpg  2b786c8c7385e33aeff20ea6a1eca681_xlarge.jpg


Fresh floral prints for the most feminine touch

Nothing says summer like floral patterns. Match with lighter colors, avoid prints.





86ee94c1b90bca231d1150d1e7d70f3c_xlarge.jpg   65d28f9e1742e7d3237c79f9d3ceb2fd_xlarge.jpg   a81622cf28e646217c461c1538d156b5_xlarge.jpg   John Zack ASOS.png 9025e1ac16812ea1a17c53448c687ff0_xlarge.jpg  3e8516d7cd08914b572ec671a30c990d_xlarge.jpg

For ladies who like to hide their arms

7c0224ea4744a821f4787da89d7c666c_xlarge.jpg  6318b8deca4d67ac0842c718bad68d2e_xlarge.jpg

a8f76011f2bbaaa36689d82532999338_xlarge.jpg Mix and match prints, and shimmer.a17ba56b1f8b5acbcc532b2639cefc0c_xlarge.jpg






Stripes work for a casual seaside wedding

2ab8f3b7c089507b0b2a29f5544e7901.jpgMatch with non-stripes. Choose neutral colors instead for an elegant finish.961944a210931c06a1f0c3459dc689fd_xlarge-1.jpg




98549b33ae23b7347f0c360784c32dad_xlarge-1.jpg cf50a41e6f2ad11eed519eca20f0e44f_xlarge-1.jpg

Earthy green is the new black

Nothing says summer like light and mustard greens. If it matches your complexion, go for it!c71e4e196d99ffb5e5e13f0d362dcd7d_xlarge.jpg  5834a57a7804b28282552d502deb67cf_xlarge.jpg




01703b3a2f35aecc1fe869fca75fcbec.jpg   b0a28047f48046bd2d249d62d9250ac8_xlarge.jpg       3be9072e25ed661554f20dd3889ce1ba_xlarge.jpg

You can shine like a diamond, like a diamond in the sky

A bit of sparkle for summer is always a good idea, but don’t outshine the bride! 

14012bab11cddd455a21b6b20a05f665_xlarge.jpg 3acf5a81aaa90e5b0b3b316c875dd2cf_xlarge.jpg




15a0d3cde24ef2abfb41235447dbd7fb.jpg 2b829d20c1a8df090c330710ad5b27ab_xlarge.jpg  e719d71b85dbf022ec10a8b65bc94844_xlarge.jpg

Enjoy the summer weddings!