How to Pack for a Weekend in San Francisco


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San Francisco Bay, the Bay of Saint Francis is a magical and worthy place to visit. The city’s distinct neighborhoods display their respective charms, from the murals adorning the walls in the Mission district, Kabuki Springs & Spas of Japantown, trendy stores of Castro and Noe Valley, and the chic lushness of Northtown, carve a vibrant and colorful story.

Gushing winds from the Bay take us in the direction of the Golden Gate bridge masterpiece, and towards Asia.

When getting ready for your trip, the first thing to remember when packing for San Francisco in July or August is that it’s not summer at all. Get ready for some unpredictable, foggy weather with a lot of highs and lows, sunny and hot in the day and misty and cold in the mornings and at night.  San Francisco weather in the summer is not for the faint hearted. That’s why we have compiled looks for a short weekend stay in the Bay.

Day One

Meandering Around the City


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Hottest Accessories of the Week 

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   Hottest Accessories of the Week 

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Day Two

A Visit to the Sonoma Vineyards

“Napa Valley is a Wine Disneyland, while Sonoma Valley is a Wine Region.” –Tom C. Wark, Fermentation: The Daily Blog

Sonoma is not as touristy as Napa. It is also closer to San Francisco, chicer and funny enough, the wine is more affordable.


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Hottest Accessories of the Week 

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Hottest Accessories of the Week 

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Bon Voyage!