Ultimate Guide to Lisbon this Spring: Where to Stay 

By Scedit

Book a Stay at the 5-Star Intercontinental Lisbon 

Intercontinental Lisbon is located right next to the upscale Avenida da Liberdade boulevard, with stunning views on the Jardim Amália Rodrigues park. It is close to the Estufa Fria greenhouse, and a 7-minute walk to Lisbon’s Tennis Club. The hotel is perfect if you want to be close enough to the center to have quick access to the tourist areas, but far enough away to have peace of mind.  The hotel is perched on top of a hill though, so the best way to get to it especially when you have luggage is by taxi.


The first thing you will notice when you walk through the hotel’s sliding doors is the attentiveness and friendliness of the staff. This not an exaggeration. They treat you like VIP! So if you’ve ever wondered what it could be like to be Beyonce or Madonna, then a night at the Intercontinental Lisbon would give you a good idea. The hospitality offered is simply incredible. Everyone is smiling, and it’s almost as if they can read your thoughts because they seem to be able to anticipate your needs before you state them. When I arrived at the hotel, I did not have time to check-in. I had to leave my bags and rush back to join friends waiting in an Uber. I was courteously greeted by the lady at the front desk, asked my name, swiftly given a luggage tag by the concierge who seemed to appear from no where, and in just over a minute, I was back in my Uber on the way to lunch. When I returned to the hotel, I was given my room card, and my bags where promptly delivered to my room. I didn’t even to remind the front desk what my bags looked like or return my bag tag.  When I arrived in my room, I was grateful to find the city’s delicious Pasteis de Belem, the best snack in town and a generous fruit waiting for me to devour.

Abundance is the thing you would notice about this hotel. Breakfast is a feast, offering anything you can think of from egg omelettes to goji berries! Yes, GOJI berries! The abundance and quality of food on display is incredible, enough to keep you happy for the rest of the day. Great for families not wanting to splurge later,  or busy business people with no time to grab lunch. The hotel’s restaurant, AKLA is actually an upscale restaurant, perfect for a romantic evening.

Bathroom had two of everything, shower caps, tooth brushes, slippers, including two little bottles of mouthwash.

The hotel (as of June 17) is still under renovation though, but renovations are being done so discreetly it is easy to miss. So far, renovations from the top to the 14th floor are complete. Thirteen more to go! The renovated rooms are lush! The rooms welcome you with blue, silver ultra soft carpet, marble on the bathroom floors gleaming and sheets that still smell of soap. This place is clean, really clean. The sort of clean that has been done by someone with OCD, which is great for germaphobes. The faint scent of detergent hits your nostrils as you snuggle between the white sheets. Such a nice feeling.

Address: R. Castilho 149, 1099-034 Lisboa, Portugal Phone: +351 21 381 8700

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