Ultimate Guide to Lisbon this Spring: Where to Eat

By Scedit

Perfect date in Lisbon – AKLA restaurant

Akla is an upscale restaurant, reminiscent of Parisian Michelin-starred restaurants (but with much better service). Since it is located inside the Intercontinental Lisbon hotel and thus away from the tourist area, this is not a place for a typical tourist wanting to sample local fare. It is best for dinner guests of the hotel, a business meeting, or a romantic night out.

The restaurant is located on the ground floor of the hotel, next to the lobby and on the other side of the hotel club lounge. The setting is contemporary, a blend of modern art deco and Portuguese interiors, with gold and blue tones throughout, gilded upside-down  lamps, and blue tiles on the walls. The setting is intimate, making it a good place for a romantic proposal if you are staying at the hotel and prefer to dine-in.

Chef Eddie Melo plating the tuna tartare starter

The attention you receive from the staff, explaining each dish, and always being available without being intrusive is noteworthy. The menu changes often but I settled for two starters. The first was the tuna ceviche, with chopped bell peppers, avocado, and spicy carrot; and the second was a spicy salad, a wonderful combination of arugula and water cress. Both dishes were perfect for a light dinner.

149 Rua Castilho, 1099-034 Lisboa
+351 21 381 8700

Lunch at A Cevicheria, Lisbon

A Cevicheria run by Chef Kiko Martins is a Portuguese restaurant with a Peruvian twist, serving incredibly good ceviches. The octopus hanging from the ceiling, and the blue and white tiles lining the walls add to the restaurant’s seaside vibe. Guests are kept happy with drinks served on the street while they wait for a free table, creating a happy buzz.  The signature Pisco sour is the signature cocktail and perhaps the most popular apéritif.  As for the menu, I loved the classic codfish ceviche, the “ceviche pur”, served with a delicious puréed sweet potato and sweet potato crisp. The chocolate brownie dessert is a must! The staff are fun and cheeky. Don’t be surprised if you find a grinning waiter photobombing one of your photos.

129 Rua Dom Pedro V, Príncipe Real
+351 21 803 8815